Vangelis -《面具》(Mask)[APE]

Vangelis -《面具》(Mask)[APE]
  • 片  名  Vangelis -《面具》(Mask)[APE]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 1990年
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  古典音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑英文名: Mask专辑中文名: 面具艺术家: Vangelis资源格式: APE发行时间: 1990年语言: 英语简介: 专辑介绍:
    这张专辑猛地一听,可能会觉得新鲜,因为里面大量的使用交响人声。不过,你如果仔细想一下就会发现,这并不是他第一次尝试用人声来表现气势。比如Heaven and Hell还有Opera Sauvage。与前面的两张比起来,这张中的人声我认为使用更成功,前两张专辑,人声为主,是要烘托的对象,而这张人声和合成乐相得益彰,基本是平起平坐。后面还有一张专辑Mythodea,则更加强调交响乐的作用,虽然也有人声,但是已经作为装点和陪衬了。这是从宏观上来看专辑间的比较关系,下面我们再来细看一下这张专辑。
    Mask is an e-music symphony in six movements. Vangelis is near his best on this album. He takes the best from his many different e-music personas and creates huge walls of dramatic and hypnotic sound. Vangelis combines symphonic synths, atmospheres, Berlin school sequences, choral chants, and sweet melodies in this soundscape. The mood shifts from bombastic to triumphant to mysterious to challenging and back and forth and in and out. The atmospheres weave through and around the soundscape, never losing the drama. Deep listeners will be on the edges of their seats. This great CD is like a soundtrack with no film. — Jim Brenholts
    A work full of strange electronic sequences and choruses. The overall feeling is very classical, due to large movements of choirs, timpani, but the romantic approach that might be expected has been replaced with dark undertones. Melodies make way for repetitive motifs that create rather complex but hypnotic constructions. It follows very few of popular or classical music’s usual conventions which, even though it’s rather elegant in some passages, makes the music a bit less accessible for some people. One might need to acquire a taste for it.
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