Various Artists -《凯尔特心跳之典藏2》(The Celtic Heartbeat Collection Vol.2)[128k][MP3!]

Various Artists -《凯尔特心跳之典藏2》(The Celtic Heartbeat Collection Vol.2)[128k][MP3!]
  • 片  名  Various Artists -《凯尔特心跳之典藏2》(The Celtic Heartbeat Collection Vol.2)[128k][MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 1998年
  • 类  别  音乐
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  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: 凯尔特心跳之典藏2专辑英文名: The Celtic Heartbeat Collection Vol.2艺术家: Various Artists资源格式: MP3版本: [128k]发行时间: 1998年地区: 爱尔兰语言: 英语简介:
    唱片公司:Umvd Labels
    压缩比率:128kbps CBR stereo
    如果你不是太熟悉这个厂牌,那不要紧,换个说法你就不那么陌生了,记得“River Dance”吗?对头,“River Dance”就是这个“凯尔特心跳”发行的!
    有人翻译 Celtic Heartbeat 为“凯尔特动力”,觉得也无不可,我仍习惯称“凯尔特心跳”,因为大河之舞步确实令人心跳,凯尔特音乐的深厚魅力也足以让人心跳!
    选集一如既往向世人介绍爱尔兰的音乐,尤其关注凯尔特音乐的后起之秀,透过新生力量来反映爱尔兰音乐的优秀传统的继承和创新。广义上的 Celtic Music, 一般是包含了多种音乐风格:如 New Age、Pop、Classical、Folk。《凯尔特心跳之典藏2》是继《凯尔特心跳之典藏》捕捉多样 Celtic Music 风貌的再次尝试。这集中出现的Lúnasa,Kate Bush,Sinéad O Connor等都是我常要听的。
    There s so much gray area in the music generally termed Celtic that it s hard to know what to make of it. While some dives straight into the new age bins, much is as authentic as a shot of Bushmill s. This release is closer to Irish breakfast tea. It s new agey in spots, but with enough of the real thing to offer satisfaction. There are no pretensions of being traditional, and there s a definite attempt to woo the rock market, as on the song that finds the masterful Christy Moore joined by Bono and the Edge from U2. Nor are the women ignored. Kate Bush contributes her first new offering in a long time, singing in quite passable Gaelic. The crowning glory, ironically, belongs to someone who at one time seemed determined to put her heritage behind her--Sinead O Connor. Here she gives a glorious sean nos--old style--rendition of He Moves Through the Fair, one of the great songs from the tradition, with beautiful ornamentation, more than enough to tip the scales heavily in this collection s favor.
    以上英文资讯 From Chris Nickson 之 Editorial Reviews,感谢原编!
  • Various Artists -《凯尔特心跳之典藏2》(The Celtic Heartbeat Collection Vol.2)[128k][MP3!]_large