《BBC 英国海岸 第三季》(Coast Series 3)8集全[DVDRip]

《BBC 英国海岸 第三季》(Coast Series 3)8集全[DVDRip]
  • 片  名  《BBC 英国海岸 第三季》(Coast Series 3)8集全[DVDRip]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2007年地区: 英国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  综艺
  • 小  类  科教节目

  • 详细介绍中文名: BBC 英国海岸 第三季英文名: Coast Series 3资源格式: DVDRip版本: 8集全发行时间: 2007年地区: 英国语言: 英语制作团队: 香草花园简介:
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    BBC获奖的著名 海岸 系列第3季将带领我们继续探索英国的新海岸线, 发现一些新故事和隐藏的秘密,揭开这些生活在土地和大海相接的地方的人们发生的迷人故事。
    The journey continues in the third and most ambitious series of the BAFTA award winning series. Coast s team of experts explore new stretches of British coastline and visit a few old favourites, discovering fresh stories and hidden secrets from the northern most tip of Britain to the continental charms of the Channel Islands. Uncover the fascinating stories of the people who live where land and sea meet.
    As usual, the series takes an innovative cross-genre approach to documentary TV by bringing together social and natural history, ecology, technology, science of environmental change and other fascinating details. Resident experts, archaeologist and author Neil Oliver, doctor and anatomy expert Alice Roberts, archaeologist Mark Horton, zoologist Miranda Krestovnikoff, geographer and journalist Nicholas Crane - are on hand once again to guide viewers through eight more journeys around the most extreme edges of the British Isles.
    Part 1: Shetland to Orkney
    Over 230 islands make up the Northern Isles - The Shetland and Orkney. These magnificent islands are made up of rock stacks, secret inlets and spectacular scenery, surrounded by sometimes extreme sea and weather conditions that have shaped these islands.
    Part 2: Bournemouth to Plymouth
    The stunning stretch of coast has attracted holidaymakers for years and is one of the most exclusive places in the world to live. It has seen some remarkable engineering feats, from battling against the sea to build a lighthouse on the Eddystone Rocks to the construction of a coastal railway.
    Part 3: Southport to Whitehaven
    This stretch of coast is not just the playground of the industrial north. World events have reached here, and it has seen innovations that have impacted on every part of the globe, making it a truly international coast.
    Part 4: Cardiff to St Davids
    This stretch of coast is rich in industry - both past and present. It has many beautiful and breathtaking sites, with the Gower Peninsula being the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK.
    Part 5: Berwick-upon-Tweed to Aberdeen
    The east coast from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Aberdeen is Scotland s Capital coast. Events that started here have shaped the British Isles as we know it today.
    Part 6: Galway to Baltimore
    For thousands of years, the west coast of Ireland has been gnawed and mauled by the Atlantic. But this relentless pneumatic drilling by gales, wind, waves and rain has helped carve a coastline of truly majestic beauty
    Part 7: Kings Lynn to Felixstowe
    The Coast team journey around the breathtaking shoreline of East Anglia.
    Part 8: Channel Islands to Dover
    The last journey in the series starts in the Channel Islands as the team make their way back to Dover, where their epic adventure around the shore began.
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